02/16/17: Worldpremiere of Deconstruction by Jonathan Leaf. I am so excited to play a dream role of mine in this one, Hannah Arendt. Peter Dobbins is directing and am starring alongside the wonderful Fleur Alys Dobbins and Jed Peterson. Here is the link in the broadway world with the option to buy tickets. :-)


09/01/16: I will be working with an amazing cast on a show called L'Image at the Jersey City Theater Center. Delighted and proud. The 4 one acts written by the wonderful George Cameron Grant directed by the wonderful Joy Kelly are part of a festival around the topic "Vanity". Come and see it!

05/19/16: Over the next couple of months am gonna work with AMERICAN CANDY, a theatre group created by Hollie Harper and I could not be more proud and happy about it. The name of the show is "Foreign Affairs". When I saw them perform the first time I wished I would work with them one day and it happened!!! <3 YAYAAAA

02/20/16: 8 Rooms is such an amazing project: Sexuality being shown out of the perspective of a woman, I could not be more proud to be part of this feature. In the role of a Madam. <3

02/12/16: Had my first Professional Brazilian Voice Over Recording today!!! Always had such a passion for this super sensual language and so happy I could give my voice to a very sensual spot for a fashion show! <3

Started working on "An apartment in New York" (working title) with Andrew Lamy a few weeks ago, Mid November 2015. Love it. We are gonna wrap on 03/06/16!! <3

So much fun on set of "A Crime to Remember" on October 3rd in Newark. <3

Very proud and happy to read for the talented playwright Charles Drew at MoCADA in Brooklyn on the weekend, 07/27/14. <3

Very proud and  happy to announce to work with Jordan Reiff on "The Housewives of Oblivious Lane" for the Limelight NYC's Go-Green Play Fest this weekend, 07/17 to 07/19. <3

I am proud to announce that I will be reading with the Modern-Day Griot Theatre Company amazing pieces by contemporary playwrights: 12/09 and 12/14 <3

I am proud to announce that I am part of the amazing theatre ensemble "Playing with Reality" and I am enjoying every second working with Jeff Wirth and the rest of his group. <3

I am proud to announce to be an understudy in IT'S JUST SEX - A Comedy About Lust & Trust! Come and check it out, it is a fantastic show at The Actors’ Temple in New York City!! It is a blessing working with those amazingly talented, experienced actors on the show! <3

"Molting" is the first horror movie I have had the pleasure to work on, with the kind and talented Joe Seung Min. I cannot wait for the finished product!! <3